Organizational Chart
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Medical Department


Rafik Hariri University Hospital (RHUH) is a state-of-the-art government teaching hospital committed to deliver quality care to the population through integrated, evidence-based medical and health services, at an affordable, sustainable cost, thus enhancing its position as the premier teaching hospital in the public sector of Lebanon


  • To ensure excellent medical care through the highest and most advanced medical and hospitalization available services, to all social categories of the Lebanese people, without any distinction, against affordable and unexhausting rates, not encumbering citizens or the government.
  • To becomes an important national and regional center receiving patients, namely those who need advanced treatment or special and sophisticated equipments.
  • To occupy an important national and regional position for teaching medicine, training students and carrying out scientific researches.
  • To develop specialized and distinguished health centers in various fields, as members transplant and donation centers, heart diseases prevention and care centers, children and adults cancer treatment centers.

    Those centers were created in Rafic Hariri University Hospital in order to attract Lebanese patients, in addition to patients from the Arab world and the Middle East, so that this hospital will be one of the basic health tourist centers in Lebanon, helping thus Lebanon restoring its role as the hospital of the east.